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Haolisen unveiled the 2017 container intermodal Asia exhibition, bring a new change in waterborne industrial coatings


        "The container intermodal transportation Exhibition" was founded in Europe, has been more than and 40 years of history of the well-known industry exhibition, first introduced in 2014 China, has since become Chinese and Asian countries and regions and the global industry partners to consolidate the existing platform of customer relationship, establish new customers for cooperation. On March 21-23 at the Shanghai World Expo exhibition "2017 intermodal containers Asia exhibition will undoubtedly become the global multimodal transport industry, business development opportunity to perfect the global container industry and related fields most not to be missed. Many industry experts and executives gathered in Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall, grand event.

        HLS as a water-based paint manufacturers the most authoritative professional, has many strategic partners in the container multimodal transport and other related industries, was invited to attend the "2017 intermodal containers Asia exhibition, aimed at the development of a power industry and application of waterborne industrial coatings contribution HLS.

        At present, most of the container coatings used in the world are oily, the container production process, will produce a lot of harmful gases, not only harmful to the human body, but also cause environmental pollution. With the increasingly stringent environmental regulations, international container Standardization Committee on environmental protection and hygiene of container coating put forward higher requirements, compared with the traditional oil paint, water-based industrial coatings is much better than that of oil paint in many aspects, and simple construction, perfect film, gorgeous color. Waterborne industrial coatings are gradually replacing the traditional solvent based coatings to become more environmentally friendly, green and healthy industrial coating materials.

        HLS as an advocate of industrial health life, has always insisted on doing a comprehensive solution to the field of water-based coating industry change!

        In 2012 HLS Jiangsu Nantong capital, spending huge sums to build haolisen Chemical Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., Nantong HLS Industrial Park has a center for waterborne industrial coatings research leading, equipped with the world's most advanced test instrument, the automatic control system for the world's leading DCS. HLS Nantong Industrial Park will become Asia's most advanced, the highest degree of automation of water-based industrial coatings manufacturing base. At that time, an annual output of 100 thousand tons of high-quality water-based industrial coatings will meet the needs of our customers.

        HLS sincerely invite the customer to cooperate with us, we look forward to seeing you!



Exhibition details:

Asia container multimodal transport 2017

Time: March 21, 2017 -23 days

Address: Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall (North Hall 2), Shanghai City, Pudong New Area State Road No. 1099

Booth No.: G33 [haolisen coating (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.]

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