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"Create value for customers so as to realize the value of hard work, now exceed customer requirements, continue to struggle to achieve future customer demand" has been haolisen coating (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (HLS) products business philosophy. The spirit of "Mianbozhili waterborne industrial coating industry overall development, green environmental protection from the vision of my first". We have zero waste, zero pollution, zero emissions in waterborne industrial coatings production process. Waterborne industrial coatings "here we call for and promote more enterprises to use the environmental health to contribute to building a bright green home environment own strength. Sustainable development and behavior development of waterborne industrial coatings HLS advocated by the "high pollution, will change the traditional industrial coating industry, high energy consumption and high VOC, high BOD.
"Three points, seven points of paint application, because the electrophoretic coating process for nearly 20 years in the industrial manufacturing industry in the rapid development and application, especially in the painting process of non-standard, more needs of each system for electrophoretic coating theory has a more comprehensive summary and summary. The electrophoretic coating requires a combination of a full set of reasonable and effective coating process and coating production line to show the high quality coating, integration is the direction of the pursuit of hard coating. The compilation of HLS began preparations for the book from the beginning of 2015. The HLS in the practice of the paint industry more than ten years of accumulated condensed essence, and many references, after several revisions, the final sublimation, into a modern encyclopedia focuses on the electrophoretic coating in practical application, supplemented by theoretical knowledge and understanding ". Write the purpose of this book is a spirit, create value for users of the electrophoretic painting the beginning of the heart, try to share the popularization of basic theory and application of knowledge of the electrophoretic paint and coating, in order to facilitate the user to select the appropriate scientific and effective pretreatment, electrophoresis technology and coating equipment standards, to facilitate the 5 aspects of human and machine material method environment as the clear division of labor, their job, and can effectively form the system gather parts into a whole in the coating process, so as to achieve excellent electrophoretic coating quality; two is to provide a more comprehensive analysis and detection of defect data for electrophoretic coating for inspection by users.
Liu Weiwei graduated from East China University of Science and Technology, majoring in polymer materials. Research on modification and application of functional polymer materials, polymer nano composite materials. At present as haolisen coating (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. electrophoretic paint technology research division general manager, waterborne industrial paint technology research department director; led the preparation of the enterprise standard and participate in a number of waterborne industrial coatings industry standard preparation. At the same time, but also water surface treatment haolisen Fudan - deputy director of new materials and experimental center; presided over the development of the experimental center of major projects and research work. Responsible for Shanghai and Jiading District a number of research projects, a total of more than and 50 patents for Chinese, which authorized patents nearly thirty, a number of product patents for the successful implementation of technology transformation, and obtained the title of high-tech achievements. The research results of "a green black low temperature curable cathodic electrophoretic coatings" won the two prize of Jiading District science and technology progress in Shanghai.
The "modern" Encyclopedia of electrophoresis coating will encounter electrophoresis theory and practice problems in the process of the combination of pretreatment, electrocoats performance testing standards and methods to pretreatment, bath, film defects analysis and solutions, analyzes the key points in the process of electrophoresis coating; at the same time, safety and environmental protection system the electrophoretic coating field also made a detailed description of the effective popularization and promotion of electrophoretic coating process, help through the combination of theory and Practice for the reader.
The book is divided into 9 parts and 31 chapters, respectively, from the theory, equipment, pretreatment system, site management, performance testing, defect treatment, waste disposal, safety system, comprehensive and systematic exposition of electrophoretic coating process problems, causes, and treatment methods, with particular emphasis on environmental protection and safety problems in the production process.
This book can supply beach coating industry practitioners to use reference, also for scientific researchers to read reference.

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