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[mark of honor to witness] haolisen coating Waterborne Coatings formulated in line


From November 9, 2016 to 11. Haolisen coating (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (referred to as HLS) was invited to participate in the National Standardization Technical Committee of paint and paint (TC5) annual meeting. During the meeting, HLS participates in the development of chemical industry standard "automobile plastic water-based paint" and get the certificate of honor.
The main contents include: the standard proposed guidelines and policies of paint and paint professional standards; long-term plan and the annual plan proposed coating and national standards and industry standards and revision of professional paint; paint and paint making professional standard system revision; investigation and rectification of the organization of national standards and industry paint and paint the standard and implementation; organizations to participate in the activities of the international standardization organizations and participate in the formulation of international standards; publicizing and interpretation of paints and pigments responsible for national standards and industry standards; to provide relevant information and data standardization; responsible for inspection preparation and issuance of standard samples; provide other Standardization Advisory services.
HLS the spirit of "comprehensive solution water painting scheme and advocate change" belief from its inception, focused on human, financial and material resources, energy production industry R & D in electrophoretic coating, more than and 10 years consistent from beginning to end. The honor to participate in the 25 held standard establishment of national standard and standard and related work and won the honor, which is the standard and industry peers and many customers to our business certainly.
Now HLS has become one of the waterborne industrial coatings manufacturers Chinese the most authoritative professional, is Chinese industry first brand manufacturer of electrophoretic coating. But HLS did not stop the pace of innovation, in order to create value for society, to provide customers with more quality products and services, to provide efficient solution coating solution for the customer, HLS adhere to scientific and technological innovation, leading to maintain the core technology industry, heavy responsibility and glorious mission.


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