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Wang Xichun visited HLS to discuss "Modern E-Coating Encyclopedia"


In September 22, 2016, the coating industry veteran Wang Xichun teacher visited HAOLISEN coating (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Referred to as HLS)  Mr. Wang and R & D center director Liu Weiwei discussed how to optimize the Encyclopedia of “Modern E-Coating Encyclopedia”.

Mr. Wang is not only sure of this book, but also said that HLS company is a young company will development of electrophoretic coatings industry.

Above 10 years of industry coating to adapt to various industrial fields the need for customers to develop and provide many products of the electrophoretic coating, competition in the market become HLS waterborne industrial coatings in the field of electrophoresis paint mainly high-tech.

Now, HLS will write the “Modern E-Coating Encyclopedia” with their accumulated knowledge and experience. Available to the majority of workers ,  will be on the popularity of electrophoretic coating knowledge and promote green coating development and make new contributions.

Director Liu listened carefully to everyone's feedback, affirmed the social responsibility of the old experts, and sincere thanks to Wang Lao's affirmation and recommendations.

"Modern E-Coating Encyclopedia" plan to meet with everyone in the spring festival. Interested readers can directly call the scheduled hotline: 021-39199221

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