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HAOLISEN Developed New Ultra-low Temperature Electrophoretic Coatings


        OHT series 100 ℃ ultra-low temperature cathodic electrophoretic coatings developed by HAOLISEN Coating (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in collaboration with HaoSen International Chemical Group GmbH has drawn close attention of the industry upon being available. 100°C ultra low temperature cathodic electrophoretic coatings are two-component and water-dispersible resins that are free from metal-based curing catalyst and contain no heavy metals like lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury and tin (in line with environmental laws and regulations of European Union, North America and Japan). Relevant technologies have been patented and taken a leading position in the industry as a necessary trend of environment-friendly coatings in the future.

        As an energy-saving and emission reduction project concerned and supported by the government, 100°C ultra-low temperature curing technology is able to significantly reduce the energy consumption in coating and baking processes, thus bringing benefits to the country, enterprises and people. The products are applicable to various compressors, cars, motorcycles, electric vehicles, auto parts, machinery, hardware, binders of metal and rubber, allumen, iron castings and other large workpieces and metal products that are inappropriate for high-temperature baking.

     Compared to other similar coatings in the market, 100°C ultra-low temperature electrophoretic coatings have the following advantages:

     one、100°C ultra-low temperature electrophoretic coatings can cure at a baking temperature of 100°C (surface temperature of workpieces), and reduce the baking cost by more than 50% compared to common electrophoretic coatings with the curing temperature of 170°C. For example, if a coating plant spends RMB 5 million/year on fuel cost for electrophoretic coating before applying OHT 100°C electrophoretic coatings, such cost can be reduced to RMB 2 million/year now. It is the less production costs and longer baking life as well as HAOLISEN’s efforts in environmental protection and contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction that won customer’s favours.

     two、The green, efficient and low-carbon 100°C ultra-low temperature electrophoretic coating excludes heavy metals and organic tin as curable catalyst, and has become the first tin-free low temperature curable electrophoretic coating under commercial operation, which is in line with the latest requirements of REACH.

     three、The mechanical properties like adhesion and impact resistance, and resistance to chemicals (e.g. acids, alkali and solvents) of the 100°C ultra-low temperature electrophoretic coating films maintain even exceed the parameters and indicators of common coatings. Meanwhile, its corrosion resistance is superior to common low-temperature electrophoretic coatings.

     HAOLISEN's 100°C ultra low temperature electrophoretic coatings has been widely used by many manufacturers in various industries such as automotive, appliances and elevators. It is believed that 100°C ultra low temperature electrophoretic coatings will bring new application experience to more customers in the near future.  

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