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HAOLISEN Worked with Fudan University to Establish a Joint Research Center



       At the beginning of the new year, in order to speed up the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and implement the strategic guideline of constant innovation and development, HAOLISEN Coating (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Fudan University held the cooperation agreement signing ceremony at HAOLISEN office building on January 18, 2015, indicating that the industry-university-research cooperation for water-borne industrial coating reached a new height. Meanwhile, a joint effort will be made to make more investment of funds and talents, develop green products with high performance and efficiency that can change the future environment, and step up the water-borne reform for China’s coating industry, so as to lay a solid foundation for high-end scientific research of China's water-borne coatings.

       Mr. Hu, Head of Office for Science and Technology of Fudan University, said on the unveiling ceremony: “the joint laboratory shares the same future with Fudan University and is closely related to the transformation and upgrade of national economy. As a bold exploration and significant reflection of integrating theory with practise, it can help achieve modern management of universities and enterprises, improve the development of productive forces and step up talent cultivation for enterprises, which makes it an important way to achieve sustainable development of education and production.

       Professor Gu from Fudan University presented: “As a high-tech “little giant” enterprise in Jiading District, Shanghai, HAOLISEN has a strong strength in R&D. It is a result of support from our leaders to achieve the cooperation with HAOLISEN. We are willing and confident to make our contributions to great rejuvenation of Chinese nation in joint efforts with HAOLISEN. ””

       Mr. Zhou, General Manager of HAOLISEN, said: “The win-win cooperation of HAOLISEN and Fudan University manifested a high-level layout and new strategic height for brand enterprise and university in Shanghai. HAOLISEN will provide a green channel and more employment and internship opportunities for postgraduate and doctoral students in Materials Department of Fudan University, and practically integrate the industry, education and research, so as to create a seamless joint for them in the work after graduation. Besides, HAOLISEN is also confident, along with Fudan University, in promoting the development of water-borne industrial coatings of China. ””

       Mr. Zhao, General Manager of HAOLISEN, pointed out: “HAOLISEN has a dream, that is to bring China’s high-tech water-borne coating to the world and accomplish our vision – “to be No.1 among water-borne industrial coating brands”. The cooperation with Fudan University is a significant landmark in our way to realize the dream. We will keep practising and innovation for the vision with a firm determination, during which we will constantly create profits and bear our social responsibilities.””

       Thanks to the complementary advantages of corporate funds and talents in university based on the cooperation, excellent scientific manpower will arise successively for constant research and development of new technology, so as to support the advance of materials engineering of Fudan University and further enhance its role in relevant academic sector at home and broad, as well as cultivate more talents to the society. Moreover, the time of conversion from scientific results to products will be significantly shortened, which is conducive for HAOLISEN in strategic planning of products, enhancing edges in domestic and overseas markets and solidifying the advantages of current products, thereby stepping up the sustainable transformation, upgrade, innovation and development of products.

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