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HAOLISEN·2015 NBA Legends’ Visit to Jiading, Shanghai


The four-day “HAOLISEN • 2015 NBA Legends’ Visit to Jiading, Shanghai” came to an end. As an “advocator of healthy industrial life”, HAOLISEN provided sponsorship throughout the activity to fully support China’s sport course, cultural and sports activities of teenagers and environmental reform for urban construction. 

     During the activity, NBA Legends and US Conquer Cheering Squad took part in several activities like the launching ceremony of rebuilding Xiang Cube Sports Complex in Nanxiang Town, visited Nanxiang’s old streets and experienced the craftsmanship of Nanxiang Steamed Stuffed Buns. Meanwhile, the stars also visited Jiading No.2 High School to have communication and interactions with local teenagers. The perfect combination of classicism and modernism and the charms from human culture left a deep impression to them. 

     At the night of August 25 in Jiading District, Shanghai, a professional basketball all-star game was held between Dragons and Tigers, of which the former was led by “White Chocolate” Jason Chandler Williams who led Miami Heat wining the Championship in NBA, and the latter was led by the No.1 Defender Melvin L. Gibson - a good helper of LeBron Raymone James, the superstar of Cleveland Cavaliers. The game was the final station of this activity.  

     At the end of the game, the Tigers defeated Dragons with the score of 93 vs. 79. For the fans, the excellent game was more precious than the score. 

     After the activity, various media interviewed the General Manager of HAOLISEN, expressing their admiration and support to this international sports activity. Mr. Zhao said; “As a specialized manufacturer of environmental-friendly water-borne industrial coatings, HAOLISEN finds the sports activity holds the same spirit with healthy industrial life. It is a great honor for us to become the sponsor of this activity."” 

[Photos of the activity] 

On the afternoon of August 24, NBA stars arrived at Nanxiang Town and held the press conference at the Holiday Inn. 

At the press conference on August 24, Tang Langqing made the welcome speech on behalf of HAOLISEN. 

On the morning of August 25, NBA stars arrived at Xiang Cube to join the foundation stone laying ceremony 

On the noon of August 25, NBA stars stepped on Nanxiang's old street to see its classical culture 

On the noon of August 25, NBA stars entered Nanxiang Tanyuan Crab Soup Bun Diner to taste local delicacies 

On the afternoon of August 25, NBA stars were under interactions with students of Jiading No.2 High School 

On the night of August 25, the game was in full swing 

On the night of August 25, Zhao Ying, the General Manager of HAOLISEN, was presenting awards for MVP 

CCTV-5 reported this activity in the first time 

Zhao Ying, the General Manager of HAOLISEN, was accepting the media interview (click words to open relevant video)


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[Attachment: Complete interview of HAOLISEN]

Reporter: Hello, Mr. Zhao, could you make a brief introduction of HAOLISEN?

Mr. Zhao: HAOLISEN Coatings (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is located in Shanghai Nanxiang Hi-Tech Park, which is a high-tech “little giant” enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, and also the No.1 brand manufacturer of water-borne industrial electrophoretic coatings in China.


Reporter: As a leading manufacturer of water-borne industrial coatings in China, why did HAOLISEN support this NBA legends activity?

Mr. Zhao: To develop sports and improve people's physique is an important policy formulated by CPC and the nation, and an essential basis for realizing national property and revitalization. As an advocator of industrial healthy live in China, we've been committed to social commonwealth. We hope to spread the spirit of industry booming to the world through this activity.


Reporter: As an advocator of industrial healthy life, how does HAOLISEN lead the green development of coating industry?

Mr. Zhao: As a brand enterprise in the water-borne industrial coatings in China, HAOLISEN will always take the lead in environmental protection. We achieved zero waste, zero pollution and zero emission during the production of coatings, and we hereby advocate more enterprises to use environmental friendly water-borne industrial coatings for building a green homeland for us. With the water-borne industrial coatings, the traditional industries will say good bye to unsustainable development based on high pollution, emission, energy consumption, VOC and BOD. In addition, all the water-borne industrial coating productions of HAOLISEN are compliant with environment-related laws and regulations of China and various codes of Europe like RoHS, REACH and PARHs. The waster-borne industrial coating for living use were certified by US Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, to achieve sustainable development of the green industry, industrial manufacturing should start from source.


Reporter: What are the absolute advantages in the technology of HAOLISEN’s water-borne industrial coating products for now?

Mr. Zhao: HAOLISEN has four types of water-borne industrial coating products featured by “high performance, high versatility, high cost performance and low pollution”, which will lead the conversion of high-grade concept on industrial coating. The energy-saving products with low temperature and pollution have exceeded the industrial standard, which made great contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction of industrial coating for people and enterprises in China. HAOLISEN is holding many patents of inventions and has applied several products to high-tech projects. For example, ultra-low temperature cathodic electrophoretic coating, thick-film cathodic electrophoretic coating, high-edge antiseptic cathodic electrophoretic coating, zero heavy metal cathodic electrophoretic coating, high weathering resistance cathodic electrophoretic coating, white epoxy acrylate cathodic electrophoretic coating, high-performance metal parts and water-borne industrial coatings for plastic parts, covering integrated environmental friendly coating solutions like primer, floating coat, top coat and finishing coat.


Reporter: How does HAOLISEN control the product quality and increase customers’ satisfaction?

Mr. Zhao: HAOLISEN has its own product policy - “Pursue Remarkable Quality; Forge International Brand; Satisfy Customers’ Expectations; Achieve Technology Leadership”, and service concept – “zero-deficiency product, zero-distance service and zero-condition update”. We need to achieve 100% percentage of pass for product leaving and entering factory. In order to achieve HAOLISEN’s quality objective and service concept, we should build a world-leading main engine plant for cars, satisfy TS quality system standards for top suppliers, conduct 80% of basic, normal and repeatable daily work on a standard, process, normative and quantitative basis, and apply TS quality management system as the unique code of conduct. The rest 20% of the extremely complex, very special and highly important work should be implemented in a humanized, individualized, innovative and flexible manner. Meanwhile, we should continuously improve the quality management system while focusing on customers, and satisfy customers' current and future demands to the greatest extent, constantly enhance customers’ satisfaction and create values for them.


Reporter: HAOLISEN is a young innovative enterprise and its employees are full of energy. What are your features in corporate management?

Zhao: A decade ago, HAOLISEN only had three workers, one workshop and machine. Step by step, we worked hard to create the achievement nowadays, all of which are attributable to our talent investment concept – “selection, development, education, trust, returns”. In this regard, we also established the Human Capital Construction Committee. We should treat every talent as the root of HAOLISEN for the future, so as to realize individual values, thus enterprise value. Meanwhile, HAOLISEN also has an integrated management system, including new core sections, which breaks the operation and management model of traditional enterprises, and helps achieve sustainable and win-win development in a good mechanism. The Human Capital Construction Committee I just mentioned is included.


Journalist: How do you see HAOLISEN going in the future?

Zhao: A man without dream has no future, and an enterprise without dream will not create great social values and responsibilities. So, we need to build a dream that “to be No.1 among water-borne industrial coating brands”. As a domestic enterprise with ambitions and vigour, we have missions to spread the spirit of revitalizing national enterprises to the world. To realize the dream, HAOLISEN has developed four five-year plans. In the future, HAOLISEN will build a world-class R&D company, an international marketing company, three water-borne resin production sites, seven manufacturing plants of new water-borne industrial materials, and an informationized HQ building. According to the plans, HAOLISEN will invest in four industries in the future - water-borne industrial coatings, new environmental-friendly materials, energy-saving low pollution chemicals and national entrepreneurship promotion. Starting from building dream, we will constantly pursue the dream and achieve our goals and value.

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